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Weigh Point On-Board Forklift Scales LTFS

  WeighPoint Cargo Lift Scale
  On-Board Forklift Scales
  Affordable . Effective . Unique . Easy-to-Install
  Pre-calibrated Scales
Our Legal-for-Trade system is portable and pre-calibrated at the Weigh Point Factory, taking only a few minutes to install and ready system for use. Unlike competitive systems, the LTFS only slightly down rates the forklift's capacity by maintaining the standard 24" load center, safely lifting a capacity load. Built to order 3 to 4 weeks lead time.
When numbers count, the LTFS provides 99.9% accuracy, fully compliant with all legal for trade applications. Accompanied by state-of-the-art electronics,
the system is fully compatible with all ITA Class II, Class III and Class IV cleat type forklift trucks. Materials can be placed anywhere on the forks without affecting
accuracy, so whether you're billing a shipment by weight or receiving valuable inventory, the LTFS tells you exactly what's on your forks.
Instant installation has you operational in minutes. Our systems are supplied in kit form with everything you need to quickly fit your lift truck, including step-by step instructions. The LTFS has been specially designed for quick and easy service by your local scale technician. Adaptable for piece counting, removable for service or maintenance, and with no alterations necessary, it also makes a perfect companion for rented or leased lift trucks.
With other scales being problematic and expensive to service, our LTFS offers you long-term usage without the need for calibration. This exceptional scale is designed for punishing cross-docking operations, and is the first choice for shipping/receiving or harsh production environments. With no moving parts or electromechanical devices to adjust, this patent pending design is elegantly simple with minimal part wear.
Invest in your organization's profit. Weigh Point has always determined to offer unique and affordable solutions designed to save you money, while allowing you to maximize revenue at the same time. The LTFS is not only a fraction of the up-front price of other lift truck scales, but because of its simple and durable construction is an economical choice for the long haul.
• Accurate from 5 lbs to full capacity of 4400 lbs.
• Overload alert safety feature can control maximum load limits.
• Protects lift truck safety: No false carriage to increase the 24" load center or reduce capacity by up to 800 lbs.
• Accumulate, count, auto zero and tare features.
• Full connect-ability to computers and printers.
• Made in Canada.

LTFS Installation Video

LTFS Specifications:
• Solid state circuitry
• Detects angle deviations to a fraction of a degree
• No moving parts, uses passive switching
• Individual load cell trim affected by two independent trim cards Cabling/Connectors
• Utilizes military grade, high impact connectors
• Included selection of coil cable (6' expandable to 24') or choose internal reeving kit
Sensed Forks
• 46 ½" work face
• front taper for easy pallet entry
• sturdy construction utilizing famous manufacturer forks
• standard shear beam load cell for low cost replacement
Fork type
Est Ship Wt. Made to Order
Blunt Tip
4400 lbs x 5 lbs
350 lbs This item is non-refundable.
Chisel Tip
4400 lbs x 5 lbs
350 lbs This item is non-refundable.






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