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WeighPoint Wheel Loader, Backhoes & Skid-Steers Scale System


WeighPoint WP92039A Wheel Loader Scale System
Basic - Simple to use, low cost wheel loader system.
  • The accuracy meets or exceeds most other scales.
  • Performs weight accumulation
  • Complete weigh cycle require just a single button push
  • Requires momentary stop bucket to compute
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Installation requires savvy hydraulic person to install 1/4” NPT in-boom cylinder pressure line.
  • Calibrates in minutes
  • One-year warranty manufacturers
Simple to use, low cost wheel loader system.
Weigh Sensor
Easily installs into boom cylinder hydraulic line. With high overload built into with stand shock loads, this stainless steel pressure sensor lasts and lasts.
Adaptability Wheel loaders, backhoes and Skid steers
Uncomplicated No confusing buttons or controls yet accurate just like expensive computerized systems
Upgradeable to include printer, data logger, wireless Enjoy the low cost This system works well and is extremely rugged.
Calibrates in minutes. Calibration is maintained with our easy reset system. Quick weighing operation entails lift load, press joystick button and immediately resume loading.
Our Payload Scale Weigh Point handles erratic hydraulic signals using digital technology built into the microprocessor. Our programmers were successful in tackling problem hydraulics found in several loaders, no longer will operator guess which reading is correct, the system now interprets the fluctuating signal, does the math and reports the correct weight!
Operation Raise bucket to weight position, thumb press joystick button, see displayed weight and accumulated weight.
AUTO SEQUENCER Controls weight correction and accumulates loads
CAPACITY Matches loader
ACCURACY 99% full scale
DISPLAY UNITS Lbs/kilograms, tons. tonnes
SENSOR-5k Model 1-Stainless steel hydraulic pressure sensor) for Backhoes, Skid-steers, Small Loaders
SENSOR-10k Model 1-Stainless steel hydraulic pressure sensor,for Large Loaders
BOOM SENSOR REMOTE CABLE For one press operation
Accessory Options: Onboard printer, Data logger
DATA LOGGER Can download the scales activity on to your PC. A great option for select customers.

Specifications for Basic Wireless Meter
• Excitation voltage 5 VDC, 80 mA
• Powers up to 4 x 350 ohm loadcells
• Operating temperature –30°C to 45°C
• No corrosive gas and no strong EMI in use field
• Non linearity 0.01% FS
• Input Signal 20 mV
• Input sensitivity 0.4 V/d
• A/D conversion rate 50 times per second
• Internal resolution 500,000 counts
• External Resolution 30,000 counts
• Specify either 110/1/60 or 8 VDC to 12 VDC
• Dimensions: 81 x 173 x 57 mm

Indicator model: WP9202AC-12-24VDC

• Bright LED display
• Accumulation
• Freeze reading option
• Lb/kg selectable
• Easy to use
• Keypad programmable
• Broad voltage operating range 0 – 15 VDC
• Weigh stability
• RS232 printer output
• Splash proof (water resistant)


Weigh cycle
Raise loaded bucket to weigh height - Requires momentary stop bucket to compute
Press joystick button to set weight, accumulation and printer
Reset accumulation to zero by pressing [7]
Check accumulation at anytime by pressing button [4]
How to Trim Bucket to Desired Weight
Raise bucket load, press display button 1 (not joystick button) to see weight
in bucket
Shake load, press display button 1 again to see new weight
Repeat and press until desire weight is achieved, then press joystick button to
show total accumulated load
The transducer supplied must be installed between the hydraulic lift valve (high side) and the pressure input line to the boom cylinder. Dual cylinders only require a single sensor because both cylinders see the same pressure. This can be done by "Tee-ing" off from the hydraulic system. Some systems may already have a 'tee" junction. If a "Tee" is not available the fittings will need to be purchased in order to complete the installation (Parker store or local hydraulic store). An extension hose with the proper fittings may need to be used with the ¼ NPT to 3/8 J.I.C, to keep the transducer from impeding surroundings.

What you need to install scale:
• The customer to have a mechanic on site to tap into hydraulic system.
• Tools for install.

What you need to calibrate scale:
• Customer is responsible for known weight!
Calibration of this system requires a known weight. A weighbridge and truck will be needed to verify the known weight of the material used for calibration.

Note: The weighing system is hydraulic based. The hydraulic system on the machine MUST be free of any leaks or defects. Mechanically, the machine must be sound. Free of play in boom upper structure. Any discrepancies in the areas will result in improper operation of the weighing system.

An alternative sensor install, if practical, the manifold can be drilled and tapped for either an 1/8" NPT adapter to ¼" NPT or a ¼" NPT. (The sensor is ¼" NPT)
Sensor Size Use Drill Size Use Tap Pitch
1/4 NTP 7/16 1/4"-18 NPT Taper
Model Description Notice
  WP92039A-5k for Smaller Loader's, Skid-Steers, Backhoes with Lower Hydrailic Pressure Systems    
WeighPoint-WP92039A-5k 1-WP9202AC Weigh indicator, 1-5K pressure sensor, 1-Joy stick button controller,1-15 feet power cable,1-Pack tie-wraps, universal Ram mount This item is non-refundable.
  WP92039A-10k for Large Loader's with Higher Hydrailic Pressure Systems    
WeighPoint-WP92039A-10k 1-WP9202AC Weigh indicator, 1-10K pressure sensor, 1-Joy stick button controller,1-15 feet power cable,1-Pack tie-wraps, universal Ram mount This item is non-refundable.

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