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Doran Scale Indicators


ntep2.gif (3774 bytes)Doran 7000XLM
Standard Features: For field retrofit or new installations this versatile digital weight indicator is easy to calibrate and set up with any load cell base. The 7000XLM touch panel uses Doran's exclusive "Picture Frame" design to minimize the damaging effects of heavy washdown. The 7000XLM digital weight indicator can be mounted on a table, wall, or even under a shelf using the versatile U-bracket mount. Displays in lb, kg, oz, or lb&oz Bright red LED displays, UL listed, Washdown safe, All electronic, USDA approved NTEP certified, NTEP: nmax = 5000d, 2 Year warranty
Specifications: Enclosure: 6" h x 10" w x 3" d Power: 115 VAC (50/60HZ, 10 watts)
Options: Remote zero/print pushbutton, 4 to 20ma analog output 230 VAC operation Cable disconnect RS-232 data output Scale veil cover
$ 715.00


ntep2.gif (3774 bytes)Doran 8000XLM
Standard Features: The sealed self-contained battery provides at least 40 hours of continuous use...even more when used in "Auto-Shutoff" mode. Built-in battery charger takes only 4 hours to recharge a fully depleted battery-Indicator can still be used while recharging. Construction of 304 Stainless Steel for easy clean up and long life. Displays in lb, kg, oz, or lb&oz. Bright red LED displays, Washdown safe, All electronic, USDA approved NTEP certified, NTEP: nmax = 3000d, 2 Year warranty
Specifications Enclosure: 6" h x 10" w x 3" d Power: 115 VAC (50/60HZ, 10 watts) or battery power c
Options: Remote zero/print pushbutton, 230 VAC operation, Cable disconnect RS-232 data output, Scale veil cover.
$ 850.00


Doran 4300M
ntep2.gif (3774 bytes)
Washdown Safe Construction
304 Stainless Steel construction, and the exclusive, innovative Doran Gasket design meets and exceeds IP69K and NEMA 4X classification for washdown protection. The 4300 Checkweigh Scale will survive and thrive in the most extreme washdown weighing applications.
Indestructible "Guardian" Touch Panel
Reduced down time and lower maintenance costs even in repeated harsh washdown environments. Four times thicker than the competition, this super rugged touch panel resists moisture and puncture damage better than any other scale.
Easy Operation
Simple to use with minimal operator training. Set Over/Under tolerances right from the front panel using the Up/Down arrow buttons. Checkweigh to zero or actual weight with 3 or 5 zone checkweighing operations.
Excel Series Features
Communication Interfaces
• Programmable, Bi-directional RS-232 interface
• Optional Interfaces: USB 2.0, RS-485, 4-20mA, Fiber Optic, Washdown Ethernet (wired or Wireless - 802.11b), User definable data output

Optional Setpoints
• Up to 8 setpoints are available for use in process control, Accept/Reject, 4 Internal Relays or 8 Digital Outputs

Advanced Features
• Accumulator, Counter, Grading Scale, and Peak & Hold - Standard
• Dimension setup and communications Windows software.
• Internal Rechargeable Battery Option
Maximum Capacities: User definable 1 to 999,000 lb

Resolution Range: User definable 250 to 50,000 divisions

Display: 6 Digit, red LED, 0.56" High


Indicators: lb, kg, g, oz, ZERO, MOT, NEG, OVER, UNDER, and ACCEPT

Power: 115 VAC (230 VAC Optional);EMI/ESD protected Internal Rechargeable Battery (Optional)

Units: lb, kg, g, oz, or lb:oz

Meter - 304 Stainless Steel

Dimensions: Meter 6" h x 10" w x 3" d

Warranty Two Years
$ 740.00


Doran 2200
ntep2.gif (3774 bytes)

Full Function Keypad
The Model 2200 digital weight indicator puts you in complete control of the advanced functions with its intuitive keypad. The easy-to-use full function keypad allows for simple entry of digital tare, time and date, accumulator, eight product ID's, eight setpoint outpoints, and eight grade values. Simply enter the desired value, press one of the clearly labeled function keys, and the data is entered—putting the power of Doran's 2200 at your fingertips. An optional barcode reader is available to enter data even faster and more accurately.

Powerful Software Features
Versatile and easy to use, the Model 2200 gives you the power to make this digital weight indicator an integral component of your day to day operation. Standard software features such as programmable data communication, product grading, peak hold, multiple ID numbers, accumulator, and counter give you the power to effectively manage and monitor your manufacturing process.

Advanced Communications and Control
Connect, control, and communicate to any device or computer with the two standard RS-232 ports, eight standard outputs, two standard inputs, or a wide range of communication options. Connect with our wired Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet, Modbus/TCP, USB, 4-20mA, RS-485, or Fiber Optic options. Control your process with our optional relays that can be mounted inside the enclosure to provide a turnkey solution. Communicate with the flexible and user-definable data strings to include tare, product ID, and time and date. Send your custom data to a barcode label printer or download it directly to an Excel spreadsheet using Doran’s optional Excelerator Data Collection Program.

Washdown Safe
Superior washdown protection has been engineered into the Model 2200 Advanced Digital Weight Indicator. From the heavy gauge stainless steel to the innovative gasket design, the 2200 meets the NEMA4X and IP69K classifications for washdown protection.


Decimal Point, and Numeric Keypad 0-9 6 Digit,
Red LED, 0.56”
High Indicators: NET, ZERO, BATT, and MOT
Power: 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz (230 VAC Optional)
Units: lb, oz, kg, g or lb & oz
Output: - Two confi gurable Bi-directional RS-232 Serial Ports.
Eight Digital Outputs Construction: 304 Stainless Steel (16 Guage)
Dimensions: 6” h x 10” w x 3” d
Options: Remote Display, Remote Switch, Audible Alarms
Warranty: Two Year Parts & Labor
NTEP: CC # Pending 10,000d Class III

$ 750.00
Doran-2200pm Panel mount
$ 840.00




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