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SI 9100 Trojan Weighing System for Dump, Waste & Straight Trucks
SI Trojan Weighing System

SI Onboard's Trojan transducer systems are proven, cost-effective on-board weighing systems for any vehicle. Trojan on-board weighing systems have been increasing hauling efficiencies for over 30 years. They quickly pay for themselves by helping you avoid overload fines, increase profitability by running every load at capacity—which you can now do without any concern about being overweight —and by extending the life of your vehicles through proper and accurate loading.

Installation is Quick and Easy
The Trojan transducer suspension-mounted weighing system was designed to be installed without any need to disassemble the vehicle chassis, suspension or truck body. The system typically consists of one Trojan transducer on the front axle and one or two Trojan transducers on the rear suspension or differential. Installation is accomplished by placing small mounting blocks at each Trojan transducer's attaching location and bolting the transducer to the mounting blocks. Cabling is then run from the Trojan transducers to a transmitter, and from the transmitter to the meter in the cab of the truck. Calibration can be performed in a matter of minutes, and the scale is now ready to perform.
System Components Designed for All Environments
Trojan transducer systems are environmentally protected, precision strain gage instruments designed for external mounting to vehicle suspension members and differentials. With its color TFT display with LED backlight, the meter indicates the truck configuration and total weight readings as well as axle loading, error codes, and diagnostic results. The meter supports RS-232 interface data transmission, and has a USB interface for data backup and loading to/from a memory stick. An optional Bluetooth® dongle provides remote display capability on smartphones. The 9100's compact dimensions make it very suitable for the limited space within a vehicle's cab. All electronics are built to withstand weather conditions from the arctic to the equator.
Load to Legal Capacity Every Time
• Maximize profit and efficiency by loading to the maximum legal weight
• Eliminate overload fines
• Load to legal limit, the first time, at the point of loading
• Maximize every load by knowing your loaded weight
• Eliminate the need for checking your axle group weights and gross vehicle weights at a remote ground cale
• Reduce the maintenance associated with the practice of overloading vehicles Increase the longevity of your vehicles
• Reduce the liability associated with running overweight vehicles
• Accurate to 2%
• Requires no driver interaction with the meter when a weight reading is desired
• Graphic color TFT display with LED backlight indicates the weight readings as well as axle loading, error codes, system configuration
Load to Legal Capacity Every Time, Maximize Profit and Efficiency
Suspension-mounted weighing systems for straight trucks provide group axle weights and total gross vehicle weight (GVW)
Picture left show is:
Trojan™ Two Transducer, 1 Front Trojan and 1 Rear Axle Trojan, includes 9100LD Meter (for Single Rear Axle Trucks)
Trojan™ Three Transducer, 1 Front Trojan and 2 Rear Trojans for Walking Beam Suspension, includes 9100GW Meter(ie: Chalmer, Hendrickson)
No more Overweight Fines: The expense of operating overloaded is already prohibitive in many regions and is becoming a serious issue nationwide. Enforcement is increasing and penalties are becoming more costly.
Eliminate Legal Liabilities: The potential costs to a hauler from lawsuits resulting from an accident involving an overloaded truck can be severe.
Ensure Operating Safety: Overloaded trucks have significantly impaired braking distances and cornering abilities, and are more likely to experience premature failures of truck components.
Cut Maintenance Costs: Hauling legal payloads reduces maintenance expense on springs, brakes and tires, and increases the operating lifetime of the truck and body.
Increase Driver Efficiency: Our on-board scales give your drivers the assurance of hauling legal. With scales, drivers finish routes more efficiently and faster with full, legal loads.
9100 Meter Selection and Features:
SI designs and manufacturers digital meters with the functions, features and reliability required for onboard scales. The meters are designed to work over a wide temperature range, withstand the shock of a logging truck on rough roads, and the continual vibration of highway operation.

  • 9100GW - Gross Weight, for two channel applications (2 Axle Groups). Upper weight limits can be set with this meter. External computer interface can be accomplished through the RS-232 Port.
  • 9100LD - Gross Weight, Net Payload Weight, and individual weight of off-loading weight for multiple applications up to two channels. Storage of individual pick-up or off-loading weights is stored in the meter. External computer interface can be accomplished through the RS-232 Port.
Model Description - Onboard Scales for Waste Collection & DumpTrucks Notice Price
SI-Trojan-9100630-GW Trojan™ Three Transducer, 1 Front Trojan and 2 Rear Trojans for (Walking Beam Suspension)includes 9100GW Meter(ie: Chalmer, Hendrickson) non-refundable. $3,250.00
SI-Trojan-9100630-1-LD Trojan™ Three Transducer, 1 Front Trojan and 2 Rear Trojans for (Walking Beam Suspension)includes 9100LD Meter(ie: Chalmer, Hendrickson) non-refundable. $3,450.00
SI-Trojan-9100660-GW Trojan™ Two Transducer, 1 Front Trojan and 1 Rear Trojans for (Mack Camelback Suspension) includes 9100GW Meter non-refundable. $2,895.00
SI-Trojan-9100660-1-LD Trojan™ Two Transducer, 1 Front Trojan and 1 Rear Trojans for (Mack Camelback Suspension) includes 9100LD Meter non-refundable. $3,595.00

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