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Precisa EP 0.001g (1mg)Precision Balances
Precision Balances 1 mg.
EXECUTIVE PRO Series EP Balances
Weighing Units g, mg, kg, GN, dwt, oz t, oz, lb, ct, C.M., tLH, tLM, tLT, mo, t, Bht
Calibration SCS Auto Self Calibration System
Functions Statistics, counting, below balance weighing, percentage, density, checkweighing, GLP compliant, live animal weighing, pipette calibration
Stabilization Time 1.5 sec to ≤ 3 sec
Linearity 1.5 mg
Draft Shield Internal Dimensions 6.7 X 6.7 x 1.4 in | 170 x 170 x 35 mm
Overall Dimensions 9.5 x 14.2 x 4.9 in | 240 x 360 x 124 mm

With the EP series balances, Precisa is setting new standards: innovative, high-tech instrumentation which includes the latest technical developments, unique performance features, best user-interface and the most modern design to establish the EP series as the very bench-mark for modern laboratory technology.

The EP series owes its extremely high reliability and durability to the well-known competence of Precisa’s engineering and development. The weighing cell is of the highest mechanical quality, operates extremely precisely.

The structured access to the balance menu and the clearly presented, easy to read graphic display offer simplicity of operation.

Precisa’s new slide-in modules provide a range of connection options for the balance. The interchangeable inserts assure connection to future communication technologies like
USB Host, Ethernet wired, Ethernet wireless, Bluetooth and RS 485.


  • Fully automatic internal calibration system, programmable time and temperature controlled (SCS)
  • Draft shield with ambidextrous operation
  • Die-cast aluminum housing of the balance
  • Clock with date and time
  • High contrast liquid crystal graphic display with high resolution
  • High resolution weighing cell with optimized electronic control
  • USB device and RS232/V24 bi-directional interface as standard
  • Upgrading via Internet
  • Multi-user memory (MUM)

Integrated Functions:

  • Pipette calibration
  • Density determination
  • Variety of measurement units
  • Multi-level back weighing
  • Dynamic weighing and dynamic differential weighing (weighing on ship)
  • Minimum sample weight (MSW) according to USP
  • Automatic Reproducibility Test (ART)
  • Buoyancy Error Suppression Technology (BEST)

Life-long Reliability

Personalized Display Wide Range of Peripherals SCS Self-Calibrating System Made in Switzerland. The force-compensating measuring cell developed by Precisa is characterized by outstanding precision and durability. The cell is manufactured by hand to meet the strict demands that automated cell production cannot fulfil. Long term cost of ownership is minimal because the unit can be fully repaired on site.

Slide-in Module

Precisa’s new advanced insert technologies, featuring the slide-in module, provide a range of connection options. The interchangeable inserts assure connection to future communication technologies, so your balance interface method does not become obsolete.

Personalized Display

The start-up menu can be personalized with freely selectable display options and softkeys for direct navigation. Additional information can be zoomed onto the main display and you can load your own language and characters onto the balance display.

Integrated Applications

Integrated applications for laboratory and for quality assurance: pipette calibration, minimum sample weight, automatic buoyancy error suppression, density determination and many other applications.

SCS Self-Calibrating System

The self-calibrating system developed by Precisa allows truly automatic calibration. This function can be temperature and/or timer-programmed so you always have access to a fully calibrated instrument to comply with GLP requirements.

Made in Switzerland

Continuous investment in Research and Development at their Swiss manufacturing facilities allows Precisa to offer the best instruments in the elite world of fine weighing. Swiss technology, Swiss precision, Swiss quality control. This is why leading specialists around the world place their trust in Precisa.

Models: Weighing Range: Readability: Pan Size
Precisa- EP 320M 320 g 1 mg (0.001g) 135 mm (5.3") x 135 mm (5.3")
Precisa- EP 620M 620 g 1 mg (0.001g) 135 mm (5.3") x 135 mm (5.3")
Precisa- EP 920M 920 g 1 mg (0.001g) 135 mm (5.3") x 135 mm (5.3")
Precisa- EP 1220M 1220 g 1 mg (0.001g) 135 mm (5.3") x 135 mm (5.3")
Precisa- EP 2220M 2200 g 1 mg (0.001g) 135 mm (5.3") x 135 mm (5.3")





Intelligent-Print™ OM-7212 Intelligent-Print™ OIP-100
Models: Description
Precisa- OM-7212 Thermal Printer with RS-232 cable
Precisa- OIP-100 Impact Printer with RS-232 cable



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