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Precisa XM & EM Moisture Balance Scales

Precisa EM Moisture Balance Precisa XM Moisture Balance
The EM 120-HR Moisture Analyzer sets the new standard in Precisa moisture technology.
 - Freely-programmable display
 - Bright graphic display presents results
 - Adjustable readability in mg or %
 - Automatic Self Calibration System (SCS)
 - Extended memory capacity: 100 methods
 - USB and RS232 interface
 - Slide-in modules: Ethernet, Wireless, Bluetooth...

Graphic User Interface

Full graphic display is easily readable in all lighting conditions. Changeable screen labels allow six “soft keys” to be multiplexed to support all applications without needing to refer to a manual.

Real-Time View

The graphic display easily supports three different data views. The three views may be changed while the unit is operating. Weight Loss Plot - may be zoomed to increase screen data resolution. Dashboard – Heat, Time, % Loss. Parameter Check –allows live scroll through parameters to validate active settings.

Versatile Connectivity Options

A USB. Type B connector is included along with one bay for optional slide in modules. Slide-ins options include RS232, Bluetooth, WiFi, wired Ethernet, and USB host.

Heating Flexibility Heat-Steps™, & Heater Options

Up to 3 separate heat intervals (steps) may be programmed for each method, with a separate weight loss result for each interval. Each interval may have different temperature, heat profile, and endpoint conditions. Available with either Halogen, Infrared, or Metal heater to best match sample needs & glass-free requirements.

Expanded Method Memory
Including Method Groups & Batches

The method memory supports up to 100 methods with all user settings. Methods may be grouped by type of sample, etc. Separate batches with separate statistics may be run for each method.

Customized Reporting

The EM 120-HR includes as standard reports for calibration results are GLP, GMP, and ISO compliant. The reports may be customized with user text and reformatted to meet inhouse or client needs. Built-in statistical reporting supports batch processing.

The XM 60-HR / XM 60 Moisture Analyzers are robust workhorses, providing a high degree of precision.  They store and perform up to (20) methods and are easy to operate.
 - Sturdy construction for lab and production environments

 - Adjustable readability in mg or %
 - Easy cleaning and sample holder access
 - Real-time results shown on high-contrast display
 - Special version without glass, for the food industry
 - Variety of start-up and end-point control settings

Resolution choices to match your application

The XM 60-HR - with high resolution, 0.001% moisture, and memory for 20 methods is the ideal product for many high performance industrial applications, including trace moisture in plastics for injection molding.

Flexibility in Heater Choice

Three choices for heater; Halogen, Infrared, or glass-free Metal for FDA/HAACP considerations. Choose the best match for your needs to heat as fast as your samples allow - for best throughput and high quality moisture results without decomposition.

Connectivity – built-in and options

RS232 is standard, USB is optional. The XM 60 and XM 60-HR are computer and printer ready with GLP/GMP/ISO compliant print formats with date/time stamp. Data is fully formatted for direct transfer to Windows® applications in Excel®, with optional third-party wedge software.

Programmable Methods

Up to 20 methods may be set up, stored, and used. Each method will set a target heating temperature, heat rate “ramp” method, and choice of five endpoint (stop) methods including Adapt Stop™ - a fully automatic endpoint mode.

Heat Rate “Ramp” Flexibility

Heat rate choices of Soft, Standard and Boost provide simple time/temperature profile management - without requiring ramp programming. Soft, Standard and Boost use temperature feedback to provide slow, standard and high heat rate - each including a different rate of approach to a target temperature.

Reports available with single key press.

The XM 60 Series includes Key-Select™ Mode for single key press reports. Simply press print and hold until the desired report is listed in the display, then release for print or RS232 output to computer. All reports include date/time stamp. Reports are available for statistics, status, and applications.

Model - Heating System EM120-HR Range Readability Display Pan Size
Precisa- EM120-HR Halogen Heating System 124 g 0.1 mg / 0.001 % LCD Touch Screen 3.54"
Model - Heating System XM-60 Range Readability Display Pan Size
Precisa- XM60-HR Halogen Heating System 124 g 0.1 mg / 0.001 % LCD Touch Screen 3.54"
Precisa- XM60-Halogen Heating System 124 g 0.1 mg / 0.001 % VFD fluorescent 3.54"
Intelligent-Print™ OM-7212 Intelligent-Print™ OIP-100
Models: Description
Precisa- OM-7212 Thermal Printer with RS-232 cable
Precisa- OIP-100 Impact Printer with RS-232 cable



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