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PNT Short Logger Truck Scales
PNT Short Logger Truck Scales
High-Accuracy On-Board Weighing Systems For Logging Trucks

Complete Short Logger Kit:
(1) 9704 PNT 9704 AccuWeight Indicator
(4) 7042 9700 Smart Accu-link - 2 lead, 4 pin
(2) 218-15 Power cable 15'
(2) 216-35 2 Conductor, 16 AWG, 35' cable <
(2) 216-80 2 Conductor, 16 AWG, 80' cable
(8) 532623 26" Full twist compensation load cell
(8) 2050 Mounting Kits

Hauling Timber Product?
Avoid the cost of underloading and overloading and ensure maximum safe and legal payloads on every tractor and trailer—every trip
Accurate and reliable payload measurement is an important element of profitability and operating safety bulk hauling. Whether for municipal, county, state or private operations, on-board scale system allows optimum, safe and legal use of a truck's payload capacity-both for maximizing loads and preventing the liabilities of overloading.

The logging systems include the innovative PNT 9704 Weigh indicators, the first truly self-diagnostic indicators with on-screen programming. The load cells are machined from high-alloy steel, heat treated for maximum strength, and then tested to a 300 percent overload capacity. The sensing elements in the double-gaged steel shear-beam load cells feature full-twist compensation and are fully encapsulated to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Accuracy 1% of net payload and easy to operate.

The PNT 9700-series indicators feature some of the most advanced technology available for on-board scale systems and are compatible with all PNT load cells and transducers. Indicators are available to display 2, 3, or 4 channels to accommodate a variety of operations.
Easy trailer ID function provides for interchanging multiple trailers and tractors.
Simple diagnostics lets the operator quickly check each system component.  
(RS-232)The serial-interface feature allows communication with a variety of devices, such as computers, printers, remote displays, bar-code scanners or 4-20mA converter.
The setpoint function lets the operator know when the pre-programmed weight is achieved.
Two channel - Two wires non Polarity sensitive, digital technology provides  ultimate reliability
- Display individual channel and total weights at the same time.

100 % Compatible with SI-9100GW.

26" Shear Beam Load Cell (12,500 lb) w/Bearing Plate
Installed and painted
1 Load cell on each side of the bunk
A modern on-board weighing system consists of load cells to sense the load’s weight, transmitters and cables to send the load-cell output to the indicator, and an indicator to change the signals into information usable by the operator. Load cells are precision-machined high-strength steel beams with strain gages bonded inside. The load cell is installed on the truck between the load receiving deck and the truck frame. When loads are applied to the truck, the strain gages sense the weight of the load and send a small electrical signal to the indicator by way of the transmitter. The transmitter provides the voltage to the load cell to power the strain gages. A signal voltage from the load cell is returned to the transmitter where it is converted to a digital signal before being sent to the PNT 2100 indicator through the two-wire cable.
No more Overweight Fines: The expense of operating overloaded is already prohibitive in many regions and is becoming a serious issue nationwide. Enforcement is increasing and penalties are becoming more costly.
Eliminate Legal Liabilities: The potential costs to a hauler from lawsuits resulting from an accident involving an overloaded truck can be severe.
Ensure Operating Safety: Overloaded trucks have significantly impaired braking distances and cornering abilities, and are more likely to experience premature failures of truck components.
Cut Maintenance Costs: Hauling legal payloads reduces maintenance expense on springs, brakes and tires, and increases the operating lifetime of the truck and body.
Increase Driver Efficiency: Our on-board scales give your drivers the assurance of hauling legal. With scales, drivers finish routes more efficiently and faster with full, legal loads.
Model Description Notice Price
(1) 9704 PNT 9704 AccuWeight Indicator
(4) 7042 9700 Smart Accu-link - 2 lead, 4 pin
(2) 218-15 Power cable 15'
(2) 216-35 2 Conductor, 16 AWG, 35' cable
(2) 216-80 2 Conductor, 16 AWG, 80' cable
(8) 532623 26" Full twist compensation load cell
(8) 2050 Mounting Kits
This item is non-refundable. $9,150.00

PNT-Long-Logger- 79704-RF

(1) 9704 PNT 9704 AccuWeight Indicator
(4) 7042 9700 Smart Accu-link - 2 lead, 4 pin
(2) 218-15 Power cable 15'
(2) 216-35 2 Conductor, 16 AWG, 35' cable
(2) 216-20 2 Conductor, 16 AWG, 80' cable
(1) 601 RF Transmitter
(1) 602 RF Receiver

(8) 532623 26" Full twist compensation load cell
(8) 2050 Mounting Kits

This item is non-refundable. $10,150.00
CableLink Wireless System
PNT 601 Wireless Transmitter PNT 602 Wireless Receiver

The CableLink Wireless System allows you to eliminate the potentially troublesome long data cable from the trailer reach cable to the meter.  The PNT 601 Wireless Transmitter(s), connected to the transmitters, send data to the PNT 602 Wireless Receiver.   The Receiver connect to any of the PNT 9700-series indicators.  The Wireless 601 transmitter(s) are powered by the trailer's 12-volt wiring and provide power to the load cells. No more downtime and expense from repairing or replacing damaged truck and trailer connectors.


  • Replace trailer cable
  • Direct sequence spread spectrum at 2.4 GHz
  • Indoor, up to 300 ft
  • Outdoor RF line-of-sight, up to 3000 ft
  • Antenna: Wire, Internal
  • Interface with PNT 9700 transmitters series
PNT 500 Wireless Handheld Display
Add $795.00

The PNT 500 Hand Held Display allows you to remotely view the scale indicator information.The PNT 501 RF transmitter connects to the RS-232 port on the PNT 9700-series indicators and transmits the data to the PNT 500 Wireless Handheld Display. Do you load your own logs? The RF remote display allows you to monitor the truck's weight from your seat in the loader.No longer will you need to climb down from the loader to look at your 9700 indicator in the truck cab.


  • Provides a remote display of weight information from PNT 9700-series indicators.
  • Uses Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology
  • Typical range of 500 ft (depending on conditions)

PNT 500 Display:

  • 2 X  16 Dot Matrix LCD display with backlight
  • User scan PNT 501-TX ID number
  • Gross, Net, Load/Deliver modes
  • Units can be displayed in pounds or kilograms
  • Auto-off after 5 minutes
  • Can operate over 30 hours on 2 AA batteries


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