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MSI-4260M "Port-A-Weigh" Crane Scales

MSI-4260M "Port-A-Weigh" NEW Product
Industry's Original Standard for Accurate, Reliable and Safe Overhead Weighing
Where Weighing Meets Water
The MSI-4260M Port-a-Weigh crane scale is the most robust scale on the market for marine and industrial weighing, able to capture weight with ± 0.1% accuracy with a standard 5,000 lb capacity.
An IP66 aluminum enclosure stands up to moisture in marine and washdown environments. Sensitive electronic components are sealed off and well-protected, including the MSI-4260M’s sleek and vibrant LCD display. Featuring programmable brightness control, the display ensures users have access to the weight data they need—in any light condition.
In highly regulated marine applications, meeting safety requirements is crucial. The NTEP-Certified MSI-4260M features a 200% Safe and 500% Ultimate Safety Factor, minimizing the risk of accidents from overloading. The MSI-4260M is built to perform reliably for every catch with extended battery life up to 1,000 hours. A brightly lit battery display indicates when the unit is at 25%, 50%, 75% and full power. Timed auto-off and auto-sleep modes conserve power when the unit is not in use, meaning users are never surprised by a dead battery.
Choose equipment that works as hard as you do with the MSI-4260M crane scale, designed with dockside weighing in mind.
  • IP66 cast aluminum
  • Top lifting eye with lower link interface
  • Five-digit, 1.75 in (44.5 mm) LCD with programmable brightness control
  • Battery operated, six (6) D cell 1.5V alkaline batteries
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA, ANSI, ASME and other safety design standards (5:1 Ultimate Safety Factor)
  • NTEP Certified configuration
Capacity lb.
Capacity kg.
MSI-4260M-194593 MSI-4260M 5K SHACKLE INTFC NO RF D-CELL BATTERIES 5000 x 1 lbs 2500 x .5 kgs  $4,495.00
MSI-4260M-196908 MSI-4260M 5K SHACKLE INTFC 802.15.4 D-CELL BATTERIES 5000 x 1 lbs 2500 x .5 kgs $4,770.00
MSI-4260M-OP-150971 MSI-4260B XBEE Option Kit RF Modem Will Allow For Connectivity With Scalecore Family Products $199.00
MSI-4260M-OP-139381 MSI-8000 Remote Display RF (Requires an MSI Crane Scale or MSI-7300 equipped with a RF Modem) $1,135.00
MSI-4260M-OP-173014 MSI-Rugged Remote Control for Products with XBEE Radios $280.00
MSI-4260M-OP-159221 MSI CRANE CART (48.50) $970.00
MSI-4260M-OP-178004 4in LASERLIGHT2 MSI RF Includes ScaleCore RF Kit and Tilt Mounting Bracket $2,035.00
MSI-4260M-OP-178006 6in LASERLIGHT2 MSI RF Includes ScaleCore RF Kit and Tilt Mount Bracket $2,425.00


Accuracy ± (0.1% +1 d) of applied load
Resolution 2,500 to 3,750 d standard (up to 10,000 d available on non LFT units)
Capacity 5,000 x 1 lb / 2,500 x 0.5 kg
Enclosure IP66 cast aluminum
Lifting Eye and Lower Link Top lifting eye with lower link interface that will fit a shackle
Design Overload 200% Safe / 500% Ultimate
Power Turns unit on or off
Zero Zeros applied load up to 100% of capacity (limited rang in NTEP configurations)
Tare Tares applied load and displays weight in Net mode
User Programmable as test, total, unit, peak hold, net/gross, view total and print
Display Five-digit, 1.75'' (44.5 mm) LCD with programmable brightness control
Displayable Units Pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg) selectable
Annunciators COZ, Battery Level, Net, Total, lb/kg, Stability, Scale Channels, RF and Setpoint LEDs
Power Battery operated, six (6) D cell 1.5 V alkaline batteries; NiMH rechargeable and/or Lithium
Operating Time Up to 1000 hours of battery life with typical use, less with RF option; also depends on display brightness
Operating Temperature Legal for Trade -40°F– -20°F (-10°C–40°C) Operating -4°F–122°F (-20°C–50°C)
Auto-Off Mode Powers off after the scale is not used for the set time (in minutes); 15, 30, 45, 60 or OFF selectable
Auto Sleep Mode Powers down during non-use after the set time (in minutes) and powers up with weight change or any key press; 5, 15, 30 or OFF selectable
Service Counters Counts number of lifts over percentage of capacity and lifts over capacity
Calibration Digital (procedure initiated by calibration switch)
Filtering OFF, LO, HI-1 or HI-2 selectable
Radio Link DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) IEEE 802.15.4 FHSS at 2.4 GHz
Radio Effective Range Typically 500' (150 m) indoor, 1000' (300 m) outdoor with standard antennas
Totalization Standard: Press button or Automatic; TOTAL weight up to 99999 x 1000 kg/lb
Setpoints Eight user programmable setpoints. Setpoints 1–3 are visible on the device and LED outputs. Setpoints 4–8 can only be used by connecting a compatible RF Rugged Remote Control or RF remote display
Construction All features are housed in heavy duty, cast aluminum housing consisting of three sections:
• The front section of the scale houses the display, controls and all electronics
• The center section contains the load cell, lifting eye, hook and quick access to the batteries
• The rear section of the scale features quick access to the batteries
Warranty One-year limited warranty
Certifications and Approval:
NTEP, CoC Number 19-122, Accuracy Class: IIIL; nmax: 5000



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