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Doran SS Formula Control Scale FC6300


Doran SS Formula Control Scale FC6300
Achieve total control of your formuals with the FC6300

Achieve Total Control of Your Formulas

What would it be like to be in total control? Imagine saving at least 2.1% of your yearly ingredient costs. What would that be worth to you?
Picture having an extra supervisor watching over your employees’ shoulders monitoring and controlling the formulation process. What effect would that have on your product consistency and production efficiency?
Doran’s FC6300 Formula Control System puts you in total control and can pay for itself in four months or less.

Field-Proven Ingredient Savings
In today’s competitive marketplace, reducing production costs is a sure path to greater profits. Doran’s Formula Control has been guiding production plants along that path with ingredient savings of at least 2.1%—even more. Combine lower ingredient costs with the elimination of the money wasted on bad batches, and you can understand why successful companies are investing in the FC6300 Formula Control System.

Take a look at the savings one company experienced with the FC6300. This plant realized that improving the performance of their formula scaling could lead to a significant impact on profitability. Additionally they were averaging one bad batch a week due to errors that were traced back to the scaling process. They turned to Doran Scales to reduce costs from wasted ingredients and bad batches—the solution was the FC6300 Formula Control System. Return on investment due to ingredient cost savings was achieved in just four months, and the net one-year effect on profit margin was $27,068.71. It’s no wonder that plant managers at this company’s other location suddenly became interested in the FC6300 Formula Control System.

Consistent Batches—Guaranteed!
Reduction of ingredient costs is easy to see, but the costs associated with bad batches are often overlooked. Like a dripping faucet, those bad batches can gradually drain your plant’s profits. Production downtime to clean production lines and discard the bad batch, along with cost of wasted ingredients, can add up. Our field studies show that bad batches cost a company $837 per incident. With guaranteed consistent batches, your plant will run more efficiently, adding to your profitably.

Because the system prompts the user through the formula, the correct ingredients are accurately scaled every time. Each ingredient of the formula is weighed within a tolerance that you define. The color-coded Accu-Track display on the bright LCD screen ensures that added ingredients are within those tolerances. Each step of the formula is clearly labeled with batch ID, batch name, the step number, ingredient name, target weight, and actual weight. Accurate scaling can be achieved with or without experienced production employees.

Ensures Employee Accountability
Formula Loader is a standard component of the FC6300 Formula Control system. This Windows™-compatible software is used to configure formulas as well as to provide production reports. Standard Formula Loader reports can be used to evaluate scale operator efficiency and ingredient usage. Using scale operator ID’s, the FC6300 tracks when a user logs in and out of the scale. Management can easily determine how long the scale operators are taking to prepare each formula and how accurately it was done. It's like having the plant manager watching over your employees' shoulders 24/7.

Fast, Accurate, and Easy Lot Traceability
Scaled formulas are saved as a digital record, far more accurate than the typical handwritten records used on most plant floors today. The digital format makes searching and analyzing production data fast and accurate. With a click of a mouse button, all batch data of a specific lot ID can be retrieved.


Maximum Capacities: 100, 250, 500 lbs
Resolution Range: 0.01lb - 0.05lb
Dimensions: Digital Weight Indicator: 8" H x 10" W x 3.75" D
Display: 7” TFT LCD, WVGA 800 x 480
Controls: Alphanumeric Keypad, Clear, Enter, F1, Lot ID, Menu, Recall, Start/Stop, Zero
Units: oz, lb, g, kg
Construction: 304 Stainless Steel (16 gauge)
Power: 115 VAC (230 VAC Optional); EMI/ESD protected
Warranty: Two Years
Communication: USB & Wired Ethernet Optional: Wireless Ethernet
Columns: 20" Column Standard and 30" Columns
Scales bases: 8 x 8 in to 5 x 5 ft Accurate to 0.10 gm Weight capacity: 1 to 100,000 lb
Accessories: Printers, Heavy-duty Barcode Scanners, Waterproof Wireless Keyboard; and Communications and Data Input Equipment
Formula Loader software included.
Formula Loader is a complete formula control application that ensures precise formulations, validation to meet government regulations and QC certifications, and ingredient traceability. By delivering real-time data and access from any browser, operators and managers can improve accountability when creating a product manually or with a batching, dosing, or process control system.
Formula Loader is part of the Doran ionSuite — six web-based software applications designed for precision formulation, real-time data collection, and efficient production. I
INVENTORY TRAXX As batches are run on the scale, ingredient usage is tracked and inventory totals are updated, and ingredient Lot IDs are tracked in real-time.
Avoid costly inventory control errors that affect budgeting, forecasting, resource allocation and strategies.
PRODUCTION SCHEDULER Removes production sheet and prompts operators through their shift.
Supervisors can control the scales — changing tolerances, associating user IDs to scale IDs, assigning scales to groups or adding product IDs to scales.
PARK & RETRIEVE Full operational control and tracking across all devices involved in the formation of minor, micro, and bulk ingredients. Create a complete product record and maintain full traceability.
ERP, MRP integration. SQL standard. Data is fully integrated with ERP, MRP and other enterprise software. All software utilizes SQL Express Database.
On-site support, installation and training Provided by Doran specialists
Scale with 20" Column Pounds Kilo Grams Grams Base size Price
FC63100SP/1818 100 x 0.01 45 x 5g 1600 x 0.2 18" x 18" Call
FC63150SP/1818 150 x 0.01 68 x 5g 2400 x 0.2 18" x 18" Call
FC63250SP/1818 250 x 0.02 113 x 10g 4000 x 0.5 18" x 18" Call
FC63500SP/1818 500 x 0.05 227 x 20g 8000 x 1 18" x 18" Call
FC63100SP/1824 100 x 0.01 45 x 5g 1600 x 0.2 18" x 24" Call
FC63150SP/1824 150 x 0.01 68 x 5g 2400 x 0.2 18" x 24" Call
FC63250SP/1824 250 x 0.02 113 x 10g 4000 x 0.5 18" x 24" Call
FC63500SP/1824 500 x 0.05 227 x 20g 8000 x 1 18" x 24" Call
FC63100SP/2424 100 x 0.01 45 x 5g 1600 x 0.2 24" x 24" Call
FC63150SP/2424 150 x 0.01 68 x 5g 2400 x 0.2 24" x 24" Call
FC63250SP/2424 250 x 0.02 113 x 10g 4000 x 0.5 24" x 24" Call
FC63500SP/2424 500 x 0.05 227 x 20g 8000 x 1 24" x 24" Call
Optional Second Scale Base Pounds Kilo Grams Grams Base size Price
DXL7002/88-FC 2 x 0.0002 0.9 x 0.1g 32 x 0.005 8" x 8" Call
DXL7005/88-FC 5 x 0.0005 2.3 x 0.2g 80 x 0.01 8" x 8" Call
DXL7002-FC 2 x 0.0002 0.9 x 0.1g 32 x 0.005 10" x 10" Call
DXL7005-FC 5 x 0.0005 2.3 x 0.2g

80 x 0.01

10" x 10" Call


Optional Barcode Scanner Description Price
FC-Scanner-63OPT10 Heavy Duty Barcode Scanner (Rated IP65) Includes: Barcode wand with 12' long cable, factory wired into the Model FC6300

Codabar • Code 93 • Code 128 • Code 128 add-ons • Code 128ISBT • EAN128 • MSI/Plessey • Standard 2 of 5 • UPC/EAN/JAN • PDF-417 • Italian Pharmacode 39 • P2/P5 add-ons • RSS-14 • RSS Expanded • Interleaved 2 of 5

Optional Description Price
FC-63OPT19 Weatherproof Ethernet Junction Box 1/2" Conduit
FC-63OPT19 Weatherproof Ethernet Junction Box 3/4" Conduit Call
FC-63OPT21 High Flex, Ethernet Patch Cable, 5M/16.4 ft & Mating IP67 Connectors Call
FC-63OPT01 Wireless Ethernet - 802.11b Call
FC-63OPT22 Waterproof, Wireless Keyboard (PC Keyboard - Battery Powered - Rated IP68 Call

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