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Cardinal Harvester Group Livestock Scales


U.S. Manufactured for the Highest Quality
Agricultural weighing applications: Group Animal Scale
Indicator sold separately (multiple models available from Cardinal Scale).
Ideal for stockyards, feed lots, and private farms, Cardinal’s USA-made fully-electronic Harvester livestock scales feature patent-pending solid concrete decks and include livestock pens and two-end swing gates with easy-close latches (arrives factory assembled). The ridged concrete deck provides sure footing for livestock. The 0.8-inch-high gap between the concrete deck and steel livestock pen allows space for easy washout cleaning and is not visible to cattle from above. The NTEP legal-for-trade LSC series farm scale utilizes Cardinal’s 20,000-lb model SB stainless steel shear beam load cells which feature superior welded waterproof seals and protection against caustic, corrosive environments. Available in 12.5, 25, or 30 ton overall capacities. Sizes up to 52.5 ft long x 10 ft wide.
Specification Description
Platform Width: 10 ft.
Platform Length: 17.5 ft., 35 ft., or 52.5 ft.
Overall Capacity: 12.5 tons, 25 tons, or 30 tons
Concentrated Load Capacity: 12.5 tons
Load Cells: Cardinal model SB 20,000-lb stainless steel shear beam
Clearance Height: 81 in (from top of concrete deck to bottom of top bar)
Gate and Cattle Pen Height: 66.5 in

The rugged polycarbonate enclosure makes Cardinal’s NTEP legal-for-trade 212G series weight indicators perfect for a wide range of weighing applications, whether it’s a simple bench scale, livestock scale, heavy-duty floor scale, or even a tank/hopper load cell application. These indicators feature digital fill control, 25 single IDs, push-button Gross, Tare, Net conversion, flexible print formats, selectable weight units, alphanumeric keypad, tare, checkweighing, time and date, livestock weighing functions, and eight preset weight comparators (PWCs). Four bi-directional RS232 serial ports provide easy connectivity to remote displays, label or ticket printers, or PCs. The 212G offers USB-B standard and USB-A optional connectivity. The 0.8 or 2 inch high LCD is visible in direct sunlight. Supports up to 8 350-ohm load cells.

• Polycarbonate enclosure
• Count feature with accumulator
• Three preset weight comparators
• Animal weigh
• USB-B Port
• Local / remote operation
• Remote inputs for print, zero, and tare
• Keypad tare function
• 4 Bi-directional RS-232 interface
• One option card slot
• AC Power Cord
Specification Description
Power: 100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz) at 0.4A Max
Enclosure Type: Polycarbonate
Enclosure Size: 9.0 in H x 11.2 in W x 4.3 in D (229 mm H x 284 mm W x 109 mm D)
Shipping Weight: 12 lbs / 5.4 kg
Operating Environment (Commercial): Temperature: 14 to 104 ºF (-10 to +40 ºC)
Operating Environment (Non-Commercial): Temperature: -4 to 158 ºF (-20 to +70 ºC)
Humidity (maximum): 90% non-condensing
Display (212G): 12 digit, 15 segment, 0.8 in high LCD, 18 annunciators
Display (212GX): 6 digit, 15 segment, 2 in high LCD, 18 annunciators
Excitation: 9.4 VDC
Signal Input Range: 1.0 mV min. to 40 mV max. (with dead load boost)
Number of Load Cells: 8 each, 350 OHM minimum resistance
Load Cell Cable Length 1500 ft maximum. 30 ft maximum without sense lines, Consult factory for other requirements
Division Value (Commercial): 1, 2, or 5 x 10, 1, 0.1, 0.01, 0.001
Division Value (Non-Commercial): 0 to 99
Sensitivity (Commercial): 0.3uV/e (Class III/IIIL/IIIHD)
Sensitivity (Non-Commercial): 0.15 uV/e
Scale Divisions (Commercial): 100 to 10,000 (Class III/IIIL/IIIHD)
Scale Divisions (Non-Commercial): 100 to 240,000
Internal Resolution: 1 part in 16,777,216
Tare Capacity: Scale Capacity
Sample Rate: 1 to 100 samples per second, selectable
Auto Zero Range: 0.5 or 1 through 9 divisions
Weighing Units: Pounds / Kilograms
Keypad: Color coded Membrane type, 24 keys
Standard I/O: 4 ea serial I/O ports configured as 1 ea 20mA output-only ports (uses one of the four RS-232 ports), 1 ea bi-directional 20mA port (uses one of the four RS-232 ports), and 1 ea USB port (uses one of the four RS-232 ports), plus 8 ea remote isolated inputs and outputs
NTEP Approval: 01-0114A
Enclosure IP Rating: IP66
Model Platform Size Overall Capacity Increments Section Capacity Number of Sections Shipping Weight Price
Cardinal-Harvester-1217-LSC 17.5 ft L x 10 ft W 12.5 tons 5 lbs 12.5 tons 2 16,500 lbs $ 13,899.00
Cardinal-Harvester-2535-LSC 35 ft L x 10 ft W 25 tons 5 lbs 12.5 tons 3 32,750 lbs $ 23,899.00
Cardinal-Harvester-3052-LSC 52.5 ft L x 10 ft W 30 tons 10 lbs 12.5 tons 4 49,250 lbs $ 32,995.00
Model Optional   ADD Price
Cardinal-Harvester-Dual Latch   $ 764.00
Cardinal-Harvester-Horse Risers Horse Risers ( extends top bar by 30 inches ) Consult Factory
Model 2.0" high LCD display Description Ship Wt. Add Price
Weight Indicator, 2" LCD, 24 Key, Poly Carbonate, Gland Connector 10 lbs $ 1,024.00
Cardinal Scales Harvester LSC Livestock Scale Installation












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