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Cardinal Echelon EH Series Economical Floor Scales


Cardinal Echelon EH Series Economical Floor Scales
Cardinal Scale’s Echelon EH floor scales provide exceptional performance in light industrial and NTEP legal-for-trade applications for warehouses, logistics operations, processing plants, and shipping/ receiving departments. Ideally suited for pallet, drum, and package weighing, the Echelon’s checkered carbon steel deck tread-plate with powder-coat paint handles rugged industrial weighing use. The EH series features 4-ft-square platforms, 5,000 lb x 1 lb and 10,000 lb x 2 lb capacities, NTEP-approved IP67 waterproof anti-corrosion shear beam load cells, 3/16”-thick checkered steel deck, 2.2-in/5.6-cm diameter rubber feet, and durable structural steel channel.

• High-quality, economical floor scales

• 4 x 4 ft. checkered steel deck platform

• 5,000 lb x 1 lb and 10,000 lb x 2 lb capacities

• Rubber load cell footings swivel for flexibility

• NTEP legal for trade certified

Cardinal Scale’s Echelon EH series floor scales provide exceptional performance in light industrial and NTEP legal-for-trade applications for warehouses, logistics operations, processing plants, and shipping/ receiving departments. Ideally suited for pallet, drum, and package weighing, the Echelon’s checkered carbon steel deck tread-plate with powder-coat paint handles rugged industrial weighing use.
The Echelon floor scales come in 4-foot-square steel checkered deck platforms for a universal industrial weighing size. The scale’s NTEP-certified waterproof, anti-corrosion shear beam load cells provide high accuracy and long-lasting reliability. While these floor scales are value-priced, the Echelon utilizes a ruggedly-built design to offer efficient installation and operation for heavy-duty use. All internal components are highly protected against fork trucks and other industrial abuse by the 3/16”-thick checkered steel deck protection. The digital weight indicator is not included, and Cardinal offers a multitude of models to select from to compliment your scale.

r• Four NTEP alloy steel shear beam load cells

• Industrial tan UV-protected powder coat paint for long-lasting durability

• Four (4) adjustable rigid polyurethane rubber feet, 2.2-in (5.6-cm) diameter

• 15 ft. of load cell cable • 3/16”-thick checkered steel deck protection

Cardinal Scale’s Echelon EH series floor scales are built strong to provide long-lasting and accurate industrial, warehousing, and logistics weighing. The Echelon’s nickel-plated alloy steel IP67 shear beam load cells are NTEP legal for trade approved for high accuracy and reliability. The waterproof anti-corrosion load cells are recessed within steel channels containing conduit to deter rodent damage and help protect components from rough handling. The nickel-plated alloy steel load cell feet are height adjustable for 4 inches to 5.5 inches overall scale height.
The Echelon floor scale has fully adjustable, rigid rubber feet to accommodate weighing on uneven surfaces.
The scale’s load cell feet swivel to find level ground, 2.2-inch (5.6-cm) diameter rubber feet.
The floor scale’s side-access junction box and internal wiring is fully protected from forklifts and rough handling.

Cardinal’s model 180 digital weight indicator is an economical choice for use with floor scales or other weighing applications utilizing up to four load cells. The 180 features RS232 bi-directional serial connectivity for output to one label/ticket printer or to a PC. Made-in-the-USA quality is apparent with the stainless steel enclosure and highly-visible 0.56-inch/14 mm high, 6-digit bright-red LED display. The indicator’s versatile mounting bracket allows it to set on a desk or be mounted vertically on a wall. The 180 indicator can also act as a remote display/keypad for other Cardinal indicators. The 6-key keypad allows easy operation for a variety of weighing tasks including: Gross, Tare, and Net conversion. Continuous serial data round out the features of this economical American-made indicator. NTEP legal-for-trade and OIML certified.

Model Ship Wt. Price
Cardinal-180 4 lb $  327.00

Ideal for floor and bench scales, the USA-made 204 indicator features a large 1-inch/25mm high, 6-digit LCD for high visibility and a rugged stainless steel enclosure. Selectable weight units, along with Gross, Tare, and Net conversion functions as well as metric conversion make this indicator suitable for many applications. Whether a static installation or a portable scale, the 204 can be powered up to 3 ways: AC, Alkaline batteries, or rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries that charge via a built-in battery charging circuit. A bi-directional RS232 serial port, custom label/ticket format, auto shut-off and sleep modes to conserve battery power allows you to tailor the 204 to your needs. NTEP legal-for-trade and OIML certified. Supports up to 4 350-ohm load cells.

Model Ship Wt. Price
Cardinal-204 5 lb $  470.00


Model NTEP Capacity Platform Size Ship Wt. Price w/meter
5,000 lb
4' x 4'
240 lb
$  1,299.00
5,000 lb
4' x 4'
240 lb
$  1,442.00
10,000 lb
4' x 4'
240 lb
$  1,332.00
10,000 lb
4' x 4'
240 lb
$  1,475.00



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