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Cardinal CIM In-Motion Checkweigher Scales


Cardinal CIM In-Motion Checkweigher
• Up to 200 ft. (61m) per minute belt speed
• Weight or zone classification modes
• Package weights up to 200 lb / 90 kg
• Custom hardware/software available
• Weight output to printer
• Simple setup and product changeover
• Averaged weight sampling for greater accuracy
• Reject output for out-of-tolerance products• 12 character alphanumeric ID
• Multi-zone checking (over-under-accept)
• Time and date printing
Work with Optional 825 or 225 indicators
Download CIM System Build Form
Fuller Weighing Systems' CIM100 In-Motion Checkweigher keeps your production line humming to reduce labor costs while providing accurate weight of each package. Available in your choice of two conveyor sizes, the Fuller In-Motion Checkweigher blends seamlessly into your line for fast, efficient weighing. A number of options are available to customize the CIM100 to fit your specific application, whether it's packages, parts, or food handling.
Scale Conveyor Specifications
• Mild steel construction, epoxy paint
• Anti-static polyester fabric conveyor belt
• Dimensions: 48" L x 24" W x 32" H / 122cm L x 61cm W x 81cm H (shown, see options)
• Optional variable belt speed up to 200' (61m) per minute
• 1/2 Horsepower AC fixed speed motor requires 230 / 460 VAC 3 PH, 50/60 Hz
• Photo eyes require 115 VAC 60 Hz
• Food grade conveyor belt
• Stainless steel construction
• Custom conveyor sizes - consult factory
• Printer
• Feed conveyor start-stop (for unevenly spaced items or those sent through at too great a speed)
• Five zone checking
• Custom report printing• Product memory (store set points and accumulators by product name)
• Alarm (set to sound when the conveyor is empty for too long, over capacity, and other error conditions)
• Variable speed options for belt speeds up to 200 feet (61 m) per minute
• Rejectors (take away arms to direct "off" weights to a separate area)
Model Description 225 Capacity Price Basic System
Cardinal-CIM-100-225 CIM-100/225 100 lbs $ 11,998.00
Cardinal-CIM-200-225 CIM-100/225 200 lbs $ 11,998.00
Model Description 825 Capacity Price Basic System
Cardinal-CIM-100-825 CIM-100/825/825-SIB 100 lbs $ 12,317.00
Cardinal-CIM-200-825 CIM-200/825/825-SIB 200 lbs $ 12,317.00


What box size is possible.
Belt speed per minute x 12 inches = ### inches per minute
( 60' per minute x 12" = 720" per minute-(belt) )
Box Length(inches) x boxes per minute = Number of inches per minute
( 28" Length x 30 per minute = 840"per minute-(box) )
840" box - 720" (36"belt) = -120" / 30 per minute = -4" index spacing or over lap
In this case it was over lap on the in coming boxes.
What Belt size is possible.
720" Belt speed per minute / 60 seconds = 12" per second
28" Length / 12" per sec. = 2.3 seconds to load the box
2.3 load time + 1 second to weigh = 3.3 seconds
3.3 seconds x 12" per second = 39.6" conveyor
48" belt / 12" second belt speed = 4 seconds
60 second / 4 seconds = 15 boxes per minute
So with a 48" belt @ 72' per second to get 18-20 boxes
1. The box can not be longer than the belt.
2. Can you index the boxes that fast? ( control the flow of on coming boxes?)
3. In this case a more realistic number is 15+ per minute on a 48" belt. Why?
We need time to weigh the box (1 second). Remember it take time for the box to get on the scale then time for the box to get off the scale.
Conveyor Length Selection Guidelines
Belt Length
30 ft/min
60 ft/min
90 ft/min
120 ft/min
36" Belt
up to 33" pkg
up to 30" pkg
up to 27" pkg
up to 24" pkg
600 pkg/hr
1200 pkg/hr
1800 pkg/hr
2400 pkg/hr
48" Belt
up to 45" pkg
up to 42" pkg
up to 39" pkg
up to 36" pkg
450 pkg/hr
900 pkg/hr
1350 pkg/hr
1800 pkg/hr
60" Belt
up to 57" pkg
up to 54" pkg
up to 51" pkg
up to 48" pkg
360 pkg/hr
720 pkg/hr
1080 pkg/hr
1440 pkg/hr
Simple conveyor systems CheckWeighing with RS-232 output to:
Multi Zone classification and with diverters.
Average Price Range: $ 12,000.00 to $ 18,000.00
Prices varies because of material types use in construction and diverters.
You will need to answer some questions to get a firm price.



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